The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.

The Museum of the Future is a unique initiative by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that explores the future of science, technology and innovation. Open to the public for the first time, the Museum of the Future at the World Government Summit is an exhibition that previews Dubai’s permanent Museum of the Future, which will be opening in 2020.

Join us on a trip to the year 2035, where we show how technology could evolve to enhance our bodies and minds, explore what role it might play in our social and family lives, and discuss how it could be used to manage complex social and economic systems.

1. Located near the Emirates Towers

The Museum of The Future is currently being built in front of the Emirates Towers facing Sheikh Zayed Road near the trade center area.

2. The exterior is engulfed in art and poetry

The entire exterior design of The Museum of The Future is intractably designed with Arabic calligraphy of motivational words, art and poetry from the Prime Minister about the future.

3. The design is birthed from Feng Shui

Taking a torus shape of a silver oval with an open center – the design and build of this museum has been recorded to be the world’s most complex building.

A round shape represents fertile fields of earth and limitless imagination of the sky in feng shui and the only horizontal surfaces in the entire building are the floors, everything else is oval or circular.

4. “See the future, create the future”

This is the museum moto, which is said to be the driving concept in the museum’s design giving life to art and metaphor from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai.

5. Made up of joint-free panels

The museum complex design will also see the assembly of 890 unique stainless steel and fiber glass panels without the use of joints to hold them together.

This technique was borrowed from the aviation industry and will help put together a perfectly smooth design.

6. A competition will be held to choose the technology developers

Called The Museum of The Future Accelerator 15 companies will have the opportunity to pitch their visitor interaction technologies to enrich the visiting experience of the museum over a course of four-weeks.

The companies will have to pitch their ideas for three platforms: Advanced Wearables, AI Guides and Social Companions. The winners will be selected to take on the entire technological development of the museum next year.

7. The Museum of The Future was held in the past

If you didn’t already know, the futuristic museum has been happening at the World Government Summit in Dubai since 2014 through themed exhibitions.

They focused on the role of technology in different sectors and themes: government services, healthcare, climate change and food security.

And now Dubai is getting its very own futuristic museum.

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