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Damac Properties

DAMAC Properties is a luxury real estate developer established in 2002 providing the best residences in Dubai. The real...
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Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is a globally renowned master developer established in 1997. With proven expertise in various competencies like residential,...
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Ellington Properties-dubai-uae

Ellington Properties

Ellington Properties is a boutique property development firm situated in Dubai, UAE. The master developer was founded in the...
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Dubai Properties-dubai-uae

Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties Group is a leading real-estate master developer with over 15 years of experience in the real estate...
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Azizi Developments-dubai-uae

Azizi Developments

Established in 2007, Azizi Developments began as with the goal of developing residential homes and communities for modern urban...
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Aqua Properties-dubai-uae

Aqua Properties

Aqua Properties was founded in the year 2005, located in Dubai, UAE, led by its Chief Operating Officer Mr....
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Five Holdings-dubai-uae

Five Holdings

Five Holdings is a Dubai-based real estate group which offers a wide range of services from development, hospitality, restructuring...
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B&M Riviera Developments-dubai-uae

B&M Riviera Developments

B&M Riviera Developments is a property developer established in 2002, behind several key projects in Dubai. The group has...
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Aces Property Development-dubai-uae

Aces Property Development

ACES Property Development is an independent real estate firm located in Dubai, managed by a highly-experienced team. The founding...
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Bloom Properties-dubai-uae

Bloom Properties

Bloom Properties UAE is one of the companies of Bloom Holding which was founded in 1999 based in Abu...
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Akshara Global Real Estate Development-dubai-uae

Akshara Global Real Estate Development

Akshara Global Real Estate Development is a real estate developer established in 1980 in Dubai. Epitomizing the art of...
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Artistic Legend Real Estate-dubai-uae

Artistic Legend Real Estate

Artistic Legend Real Estate Development is an integrated real estate developer that has been responsible in creating not only...
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Arthur & Hardman-dubai-uae

Arthur & Hardman

Arthur & Hardman is a real estate developer committed to developing world-class and completely integrated lifestyle communities to meet...
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Danube Properties-dubai-uae

Danube Properties

Danube Properties is a property developer established in the year 1993 in Dubai. The group has been providing high...
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Forum Group-dubai-uae

Forum Group

Forum Group is a Russian-based holding company that specializes in property development. The company is recognized as one of...
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Al Sharq Investment Group-dubai-uae

Al Sharq Investment Group

Al Sharq Investment Group was established in 1994 by the merger of two of Middle East’s most largest and...
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Emerald Palace Group (EPG)-dubai-uae

Emerald Palace Group (EPG)

Emerald Palace Group (EPG) is a real estate developer established in 1996, which is part of a group of...
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Dar Al-Arkan-dubai-uae

Dar Al-Arkan

Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate or DAAR is a premium property developer based in Riyadh (KSA), DAAR is a public...
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Binghatti Developers-dubai-uae

Binghatti Developers

Binghatti Developers is a Dubai-based property developer headed by CEO and Head of Architecture, Muhammad Binghatti. The company has...
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dubai holding

Dubai Holding

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Deyaar Properties-dubai-uae

Deyaar Properties

Deyaar Properties is a real estate development company established in 2002, and has been one of the fastest-growing developers...
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Nshama Property Developer Dubai is a leading real estate developer that offers sustainable world-class communities by blending smart and...
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Dubai South-dubai-uae

Dubai South

Dubai South is a master developer of Dubai South, the emerging 145 square kilometer master-planned city around the new...
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Diamond Real Estate Developer-dubai-uae

Diamond Real Estate Developer

Diamond Real Estate Developer is a Dubai-based company that specializes operations in construction and development. With its philosophy to...
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Invest Group Overseas-dubai-uae

MAG Property Development

MAG Property Development (MAG PD) is real estate development firm founded in year 1975, with the vision to provide...
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ANK Developers-dubai-uae

ANK Developers

ANK Developers is associated to Al Burooj Real Estate, and was established in year 2006. The company has been...
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Invest Group Overseas-dubai-uae

Invest Group Overseas

MAG Property Development (MAG PD) is real estate development firm founded in year 1975, with the vision to provide...
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Dubai Sport City-dubai-uae

Dubai Sport City

Dubai Sports City is a premier master developer of the Dubai Sports City master development. The group was established...
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Meraas Holding was founded in February 2007 with the aim of making a significant contribution to the UAE Economy....
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Sobha Group-dubai-uae

Sobha Group

Sobha Group was founded in the year 1976, in Dubai, UAE led by PNC Menon. The group is a...
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Seven Tides International-dubai-uae

Seven Tides International

Seven Tides International was launched in the year 2004, located in Dubai, UAE. It is a privately own luxury...
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Al Habtoor Group-dubai-uae

Al Habtoor Group

Al Habtoor Group was established in the year 1970 in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, The real estate group,...
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Select Group-dubai-uae

Select Group

Select Group is one of the highly renowned property developers in Dubai which has been the name behind several...
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The Heart of Europe-dubai-uae

The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe is owned by Kleindienst. Kleindienst is a real estate developer known as the largest European...
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Tiger Group-dubai-uae

Tiger Group

Tiger Group is a property developer established in 1976 by H.H. Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi...
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Nakheel Properties-dubai-uae

Nakheel Properties

Nakheel Properties is undoubtedly one of UAE’s leading, major and established property developers. Having delivered some of UAE’s milestone...
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IFA Hotels & Resorts-dubai-uae

IFA Hotels & Resorts

IFA Hotels and Resorts (International Financial Advisors) is one of the renowned and largest investment companies in United Arab...
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Jumeirah Golf Estates-dubai-uae

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates is the official master developer of the Jumeirah Golf Estates project, owned by Istithmar, a Dubai...
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Meydan Sobha-dubai-uae

Meydan Sobha

Meydan Sobha LLC FZ is a joint venture of the Meydan Group and the Sobha Group with the aim...
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Triplanet Range Group-dubai-uae

Triplanet Range Group

Triplanet Range Group is a well-known property developer that offers a vast array of investments both in UAE and...
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Omniyat is a property developer launched in 2005 managed and owned by Mr. Mahdi K M J Amjad. Omniyat...
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Plazzo Development Real Estate-dubai-uae

Plazzo Development Real Estate

Plazzo Development Real Estate is regarded as one of the best real estate developers in Dubai., focusing on the...
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Gemini Property Developers-dubai-uae

Gemini Property Developers

Gemini Property Developers is a Dubai property developer that seeks to create a different positioning in the real estate...
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Tanmiyat Global Real Estate-dubai-uae

Tanmiyat Global Real Estate

Tanmiyat Global Real Estate Development LLC is one of the best global real estate developers in Dubai. The group...
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KOA is modern property developer in Dubai conceptualized by Mohammed Zaal, which seeks to redefine living and working in...
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Zaya Developer-dubai-uae

Zaya Developer

Zaya Developer is a decade old top-notch real estate development company which started off as a joint venture between...
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Tebyan Real Estate Development-dubai-uae

Tebyan Real Estate Development

TEBYAN Real Estate Development is one of the most famous and trusted private developers in United Arab Emirates (UAE)....
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Oriental Pearls-dubai-uae

Oriental Pearls

Oriental Pearls is a real estate developer of upscale community homes in Dubai. With its headquarters in Burj Khalifa,...
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Shaikhani Group-dubai-uae

Shaikhani Group

Shaikhani Group is a property developer established in 1978 and was previously known as the Memon Group of Companies....
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Mada’in Properties-dubai-uae

Mada’in Properties

Mada’in Properties is a private joint-stock company established in 2006 by known personalities, Sharia compliant banks, investment banks, public...
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Iman Developer-dubai-uae

Iman Developer

IMAN Developers is a real estate property developer established in 2016. The group was launched out of an ambition...
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G&Co Developer-dubai-uae

G&Co Developer

G&Co Developer is a highly-experienced boutique real estate developer with a proven track record of over 20 years in...
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